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Carla's Clay offers classes for all ages and all abilities. Handbuilding, Wheelthrowing, Sculpture. We also offer a variety of firing techniques. We have a huge selection of ceramic supplies. Highwater Clays, Glazes ,Tools and Kiln supplies. And the finest Clay Gallery around.

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Carla's Clay is your number one source for everything related to clay and ceramics. We offer a variety of workshops, gallery shows, and other events for everyone in our area to enjoy. Our goal at Carla's Clay is to enhance our creative tendencies and explore all sorts of possibilities.

One of our featured firing techniques, displayed in the images above, is called "Raku" Firing. It is an ancient Japanese firing technique which involves removing pottery from the gas fueled kiln at 1838 degrees Farenheit. We then place the pottery in containers that are filled with combustible material, creating a reduced oxygen atmosphere. Ultimately, producing beautiful colors or black carboned surfaces depending on the glaze or the lack of a glaze on the pots. On occasion, we place horse tail hair on the pots and it will leave beautiful black lines, as you see on the pot above.

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